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Spring “Seasonal Update” sent out to Minnesota Operators

Last week we sent out Issue #2 of our Seasonal Update newsletter in Minnesota.  We wanted to put together an update that would jog an operator’s memory about tasks and important dates/deadlines that may not be included in their normal maintenance plans or schedules.  As the first paragraph of the newsletter states – “this email is intended to help utilities be more proactive and prevent accidents, violations, and costly repairs.  It is not intended to replace your current maintenance plan, but hopefully some of the items can be integrated into your current plan.”

Rather than offering these reminders to operators individually during site visits, we figured we would utilize technology to send these friendly reminders to all of the operators at once and time it with the seasonal changes.  The first one we sent out in December was targeted to Tribal water staff.  This recent update was sent out to all water-related utilities, Tribal and otherwise.

Would a newsletter like this be beneficial in your state?


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