MAP celebrates 35 years!

This week, MAP is celebrating 35 years of assisting small, low-income rural communities with their water and wastewater issues. Joe Dvorak, MAP Field Manager, elaborates on this milestone:

In the early 80’s, much the same as today, small rural communities were experiencing problems with infrastructure.  For that reason, the Office of Economic Opportunity felt that an independent third-party organization could play a valuable role to provide technical assistance and training in those communities.  For the past 35 years I have seen countless numbers of systems, through the help of the Midwest Assistance Program, do much to improve the health and safety of their residents by improving their water and wastewater systems..

The need for this type of help continues as water and wastewater systems  in rural America continue to deteriorate and many small community elected officials have nowhere to turn for help.

The service provided by MAP is every bit as important today as it was 35 years ago.

Joe Dvorak has been with MAP and RCAP since the beginning. “His vision, energy, and his commitment during these 35 years is greatly appreciated. That appreciation is not only from the MAP Board and his colleagues, but also from the hundreds of rural communities served across the nation. Good job, Joe D,” said Marcie McLaughlin, CEO.

Check out our timeline to see how we’ve grown over the past 35 years. (Click for full size image)


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