MAP Lift Station Training

Last Thursday, I was able to attend a MAP Lift Station Training presented by MAP staff Pete Smith, Glen Lueck, and Jason Gorr. The agenda included a lift station overview filled with safety tips, a field maintenance demo performed by PeopleService, a maintenance and troubleshooting session, a “Jeopardy” game to test what we’d learned, and a wrap-up session. As a novice in the wastewater industry, every aspect of this training was informative and  interesting to me.  The combination of classroom instruction and an actual field demonstration was especially useful. Each MAP trainer brought their own knowledge and experience into the training, which provided for an enlightening and entertaining day. As I say in every blog, I have a new-found respect for those operators out there keeping our water clean and our wastewater flowing. To check out upcoming MAP trainings in your area, visit the MAP training page.


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