A Solution to our Nation’s Water Crisis?

San Diego Wastewater Pilot Plant

The United States is facing a water crisis.  We use more water than the system can naturally replenish, and we abuse the supply we have.  Water touches every aspect of your life from drinking water to the manufacturing of every day products.  While we can’t “make” more water, there is one solution to water shortage problems that addresses issues of both quality and supply:  recycling wastewater.   A new pilot plant near San Diego and a national “NEWater” program in Singapore show it’s practical to turn wastewater into water that’s clean enough to drink.  Yet, in most of the world, we are resistant to do so.  Why?  While recycled water may be a smart and clean way to manage our water supply, our primitive instincts are more programmed to fear the murky water hole than to worry about climate change, new contaminants and population growth.  We should think green, but we can’t help thinking brown.  In the following video, Paul Rozin, does an excellent job explaining why we feel fear and disgust when addressing this issue:  http://nyti.ms/HZuzPO.  (Some material excerpted from New York Times article “Taking the Waste Out of Wastewater” by Jessica Yu, published April 21, 2012)



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2 responses to “A Solution to our Nation’s Water Crisis?”

  1. Hope F. Cupit says :

    I have been reading a book “The Big Thirst” by Charles Fishman.. His book indicates this very concept. I thought it was gonna be later than sooner. But looks like I am wrong. I encourage you all to get this book

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