CEO Update

By the time the check is presented or the water tower constructed, thousands of hours have been invested by community leaders and residents to build, upgrade or finance their water and wastewater systems.  MAP staff are often behind the scenes in our nine state communities assisting those communities to reach their goal.  From convening the initial meetings, engaging state and federal agencies, informing the local officials of their options or connecting ‘the dots’ in so many other ways, MAP’s work has moved the project forward.

These efforts, however, are often difficult to count.  And more difficult to credit.  This is the work of conveners, networkers and subject experts. Our Spring 2012 e-Source highlights the work conducted by MAP staff in our nine state region. Click here read the full e-newsletter.

We appreciate the support of our federal funders; EPA, US Department of Health and Human Services and USDA Rural Development and the congressional delegation in all nine states.  We continue to tell your community’s and MAP’s stories to each of them.


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